User Guide
Q.1:Which browser I have to use for this application?
Ans:Application supports major browsers like IE,Mozilla,Chrome etc.
Q.7:How to take search using search by property details?
Ans:Please follow the below steps:
1: Select Year 2:Select District 3:Enter minimum three characters in english for your desired area 4:Select the area from drop down list.5:Enter cts/survey/gat/plot/flat etc. number(only numeric numbers are allowed)6: Enter Captcha 7:Click on search button.(Search result will take few minutes to show result) .
Q.8:Which documents are not available in search result?
Ans:1:Power of attorney 2:Will deed.
Q.9:After showing search result search button is disabled? 
Ans:Click on cancel button to take another search.If button is still disabled please clsose the browser and browse the URL again (This happens due to large data browser is fetching from server)
Q.10:How take search using search by document number?
Ans:Please follow the below steps:
1:Select Registration Type 2:Select district 3:Select SRO 4:Select year 5: Enter document number 6:Enter Captcha 7:Click on search button.
Q.11:How to view Index2 ?
Ans:After getting result of search click on index2 button.(This will take few minutes and result will be shown in another window)
Q.12:After clicking on index2 button, search button and index2 button are disabled? isabled?
Ans:Click on cancel button
Q.13:Village name is not showing in select village dropdownlist? ownlist?
Ans:e.g.:Try Daadar instead of Dadar,Maazgaon instead of Mazgaon, Aambivali instead of Ambivali etc.
Q.14:In IE10 application is not viewed properly?
Ans:Click on compatibility view shown as broken page symbol on right side of url pane.
Q.15: Is seprate user registration is required for eSearch (free version) and eSearch(Paid version)?
Ans: Yes, both appliction requires seprate user registrion. The users of free eSearch version can not use eSearch paid version.